Weekly Actions for the Week of July 11th, 2017

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been absent the last couple of weeks. I've had a lot going on, and my blog just totally fell off my radar. I need to take some time off, probably for the rest of the summer. I'll still be resisting in my local area, and I hope you will, too.

In the meantime, please visit the following websites for more daily and weekly actions you can take to resist 45:
For this week, please see my last post for information on how you can help stop the Senate bill to repeal the ACA. We won a battle by getting the vote postponed, but the war's not over. It's very important that we keep up the fight to protect our healthcare until the bill is officially dead:

Also, on July 15th, in cities across the country, Refuse Fascism is holding events to protest the 45 administration. The one here in Philly is actually pretty late in the day, so I plan to stop by. Learn more and find an event near you here:

I hope to get back to posting weekly in September. Keep up The Resistance!

Jen Heller Meservey
The Night Owl Activist