Weekly Actions for the Week of May 29th, 2017

I hope everyone had a nice break for Memorial Day. I had a couple of subscriber requests last week, but I won't be able to include them in this week's blog post because there's just too much to cover. So, if you sent me an action, I apologize. I'll try to post it next week.

Breaking News: In case you missed it, 45's latest Tweet is even more nonsensical than usual...

The Internet is clamoring to uncover the meaning of this mystery word, "covfefe." If you haven't yet, look up the #covfefe hashtag on Twitter. It's highly entertaining.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging...

Congressional Recess

This week, members of Congress (MoC) are back in their home states on recess. This is the perfect time to pay a visit to their local offices or attend a town hall. Here are some resources for finding town halls and other events in your area and talking points for when you meet with your MoC.

What's going on: Rumors have been floating around that this recess is a test for the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), the GOP's plan to repeal and "replace" the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was recently passed in the House. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the AHCA would leave 23 million Americans without health insurance. A commission of Republican senators has been formed to write their own version of the bill, which is likely to be just as bad as the House bill.

What you can do:
45's Budget

What's going on: 45's budget plan was released last week, and here are just a few of the programs it would make cuts to:
  • Medicaid
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Children's health programs
  • Food assistance
  • Home heating assistance
  • Payments to disabled veterans
  • Subsidies for farmers
  • The Department of Education
  • The EPA
  • NASA
  • Public media
  • The National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities
It would also increase spending on defense and border patrol while giving tax cuts to the wealthy. Needless to say, this budget is designed to benefit the rich and leave everyone else out in the cold. Even some Republicans have stated that the budget goes too far.

What you can do:

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