Nightly Actions for Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017


Oops! Last night, I had to go to bed early so that I could get up early today for an appointment, and I totally forgot to post something letting you all know that I wouldn't be blogging as usual. My bad! Everything's cool, I just wasn't up until my usual 7-8am, so I didn't have time to put together the blog. There will be a few more days like that next week. I'll try to remember to warn you. Moving on...

URGENT - Healthcare

The most important thing we need to focus on right now is healthcare. Republicans in the House are pushing for a vote TOMORROW (Thursday, May 4th) on their new bill to repeal and "replace" the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a terrible plan that would take away healthcare from millions of Americans. Many representatives have announced their opposition to the bill, but several are still on the fence. Here's how you can help kill Don'tCare again (hopefully for good this time).
Net Neutrality

Earlier today, FCC Chair Ajit Pai revealed his plan to destroy net neutrality by gutting rules that protect the free and open Internet. No net neutrality means Internet service providers can demand that companies and consumers pay fees for decent connection speeds and push those who can't pay into Internet "slow lanes." Here's how you can stop Pai's plan and save net neutrality.
LGBTQ+ Issues

Reports came out today that 45 plans to sign a so-called "religious liberty" executive order, which is basically a license to discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community. While 45 didn't sign the order today, he is now expected to sign it tomorrow as part of the "National Day of Prayer." Here's how you can help stop this order.

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