Nightly Actions for Monday, May 1st, 2017


Hey subscribers!

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes over the last few weeks. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've had some health issues and some personal stuff going on, and I just haven't had the spoons left at the end of the night to update the blog. To make it easier on myself going forward, I'm going to try to cut down on the number of actions I post per night. From now on, you'll only see the actions that I think are the most important, targeted, effective, or useful. Hopefully I'll be able to keep posting every weekday with that in mind.

URGENT - Healthcare

Congress delayed voting on their newer and even worse healthcare bill once again, but they're pushing to vote soon, so we have to keep fighting back against it. Here are some ways you can help.
NEW - Subscriber Submissions

While I was away, a few of my subscribers submitted calls to action that they wanted me to share. Take these actions to make a difference while supporting your fellow members of the Resistance.
  • EPA Regulatory Reform: Thanks to Brenda Deckard for this submission. The Indivisible Washington Environmental Blog is posting a Daily Docket with suggested scripts for EPA "Evaluation of Existing Regulations" public comment submissions. Public comments are being accepted until May 15th, and the blog will be posting Daily Dockets right up until the deadline. Visit the following link to find all of the Daily Docket posts and start submitting comments:
  • Teachers of the Year: Thanks to Debbie for this submission. Since 45 didn't properly honor the Teachers of the Year, let's show them our appreciation! Pick a few teachers from the following list and send them a postcard to congratulate them. Send as many as you like (there are 55 total), and don't forget to use your colored markers:
  • Stance: Thanks to Nathaniel Teichman for this submission. A new app called Stance makes calling your elected officials much easier. If you find yourself getting nothing but voicemail and busy signals, Stance can save you a lot of time. It lets you record messages for your elected officials, then delivers them at night when phone lines aren’t so busy, and it keeps calling back until it delivers your message. You don’t even have to deal with navigating a phone tree. It's perfect for introverts and night owls like me who can't call during normal office hours anyway. Learn more and download Stance for iPhone and Android devices here:
Fun Action of the Night - Shut Down 45's Anti-immigrant Hotline

Let's have some fun with this one! 45 recently launched his Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement (VOICE) office, including a hotline for reporting crimes by "illegal aliens." Channel your inner Mulder and Scully and use the following link to call into the VOICE hotline and report encounters with aliens... of the outer space/UFO variety (think E.T. or Mac and Me):

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