My Favorite Tools for The Resistance

I thought I'd just pop in to quickly share with you all my current favorite tools for The Resistance. Please share them with your friends and family to get everybody engaged in contacting their legislators.
  • Stance App - Record a message and send it to the voicemail of your member of Congress at night when the phones aren't tied up: www.takeastance.us
  • Resistbot - Text a message and fax it to your members of Congress. Text Resist to 50409 to get started, or visit: www.resistbot.io
  • FaxZero - Send a free fax up to 10 pages long to any U.S. senator or representative: www.faxzero.com
  • Countable App - See what Congress is voting on, share your opinion and leave a comment that will be emailed to your members of Congress: www.countable.us
  • Indivisible Resource Library - Find talking points and scripts about the latest important issues to use when contacting your members of Congress:

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  1. These look great! I'm sharing with my group. Thsnks for posting!