Weekly Actions for the Week of May 29th, 2017

I hope everyone had a nice break for Memorial Day. I had a couple of subscriber requests last week, but I won't be able to include them in this week's blog post because there's just too much to cover. So, if you sent me an action, I apologize. I'll try to post it next week.

Breaking News: In case you missed it, 45's latest Tweet is even more nonsensical than usual...

The Internet is clamoring to uncover the meaning of this mystery word, "covfefe." If you haven't yet, look up the #covfefe hashtag on Twitter. It's highly entertaining.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging...

Congressional Recess

This week, members of Congress (MoC) are back in their home states on recess. This is the perfect time to pay a visit to their local offices or attend a town hall. Here are some resources for finding town halls and other events in your area and talking points for when you meet with your MoC.

What's going on: Rumors have been floating around that this recess is a test for the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), the GOP's plan to repeal and "replace" the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was recently passed in the House. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the AHCA would leave 23 million Americans without health insurance. A commission of Republican senators has been formed to write their own version of the bill, which is likely to be just as bad as the House bill.

What you can do:
45's Budget

What's going on: 45's budget plan was released last week, and here are just a few of the programs it would make cuts to:
  • Medicaid
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Children's health programs
  • Food assistance
  • Home heating assistance
  • Payments to disabled veterans
  • Subsidies for farmers
  • The Department of Education
  • The EPA
  • NASA
  • Public media
  • The National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities
It would also increase spending on defense and border patrol while giving tax cuts to the wealthy. Needless to say, this budget is designed to benefit the rich and leave everyone else out in the cold. Even some Republicans have stated that the budget goes too far.

What you can do:


Weekly Actions for the Week of May 22nd, 2017

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while, but I'm back... for now. Things have been crazy for me over the last month or so. You may have noticed that the title of tonight's blog post says "Weekly Actions" instead of "Nightly Actions." Well, I think I need to give myself a break and just post one blog per week from now on. I'll post again during the week if something big happens (as it often does with this administration). I have a lot going on, and this will free up my time to focus on local actions.

If you're not a member of a local Resistance group, I encourage you to find one near you at one of the following websites. It's great to meet up with fellow resisters and plan actions you can take together. You can also work on issues on the local level in your state or town.
Now, let's get back to work...

45's Ties to Russia

What's going on: Last week, Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Bob Mueller to be a special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. If you were one of the many people who contacted your members of Congress to demand a special counsel, give yourself a pat on the back! You helped make this happen! Now we need to make sure that an independent commission is formed to complete a fair, impartial investigation.

What you can do:
Net Neutrality

What's going on: Last week, the FCC voted to begin undoing net neutrality rules that were put in place two years ago. The vote kicked off a public commenting period that will last for several months, during which companies, interest groups, and advocates can file their thoughts with the FCC.

What you can do:
Voter Suppression

What's going on: Recently 45 established a "commission on election integrity" to investigate his bogus claim that millions of fraudulent votes were cast by noncitizens in the 2016 presidential election. The co-chair of this committee, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, is notorious for his voter suppression efforts in Kansas. Research has found very few incidents of suspected noncitizen voting during the 2016 election (only about 0.0001%).

What you can do:
LGBTQ+ Issues

What's going on: So-called "conversion therapy" claims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity on the premise that being LGBTQ is a curable mental illness. This fraudulent practice tortures LGBTQ youth and has been repeatedly discredited and condemned by medical professionals. A bill called the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act would clarify conversion therapy as a deceptive practice with enforceable penalties under the law.

What you can do:

What's going on: A copy of the White House's preliminary budget proposal has been released, and it contains a $9.2 billion cut to the Department of Education. $400 million will be spent to expand charter schools and private and religious school vouchers (supported by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos), and $1 billion will be set aside to steer public schools toward so-called "school choice" programs.

What you can do:


My Favorite Tools for The Resistance

I thought I'd just pop in to quickly share with you all my current favorite tools for The Resistance. Please share them with your friends and family to get everybody engaged in contacting their legislators.
  • Stance App - Record a message and send it to the voicemail of your member of Congress at night when the phones aren't tied up: www.takeastance.us
  • Resistbot - Text a message and fax it to your members of Congress. Text Resist to 50409 to get started, or visit: www.resistbot.io
  • FaxZero - Send a free fax up to 10 pages long to any U.S. senator or representative: www.faxzero.com
  • Countable App - See what Congress is voting on, share your opinion and leave a comment that will be emailed to your members of Congress: www.countable.us
  • Indivisible Resource Library - Find talking points and scripts about the latest important issues to use when contacting your members of Congress:


One Important Action for This Week

Hi All:

Sorry I keep checking out. I was doing OK, and then yesterday, my husband and I had to say goodbye to one of our cats who had been with us for 11 years. We're both devastated, and I'm not in a good emotional space to focus on anything right now. So for now, I'll just leave you with one important action to take this week.

You probably heard that today, in the midst of hearings on his administration's collusion with Russia, 45 fired FBI Director James Comey. Comey was leading the investigation, and now the door is open for 45 to hire someone who will not complete a fair and impartial investigation.

The Resistance has been calling for a special prosecutor to lead the investigation, and our requests have been falling on deaf ears. But today, several members of Congress (MoC), including some Republican senators, finally spoke out, demanding that a special prosecutor be appointed.

Your mission this week is to call your MoC and tell them that we want a special prosecutor to complete a fair, nonpartisan investigation into 45's ties to Russia. Use the information at the following link to make your calls:

Don't forget that you can record a message to be sent directly to your MoC's voicemail outside of business hours with the Stance app. This is very useful of you're getting busy signals. Download the app for iPhone and Android here: http://takeastance.us/

You can also easily send a fax to your MoC with Resistbot. Just text "resist" to 50409.

I'll try to check in later this week if any other important actions come up, as I'm sure they will.

Jen Heller Meservey
The Night Owl Activist


Early Night

Hi subscribers:

I have to get up early tomorrow, so I'm headed to bed early. I'll be back to post on Monday. In the meantime, keep contacting your members of Congress about healthcare!

Jen Heller Meservey
The Night Owl Activist


Nightly Actions for Thursday, May 4th, 2017

URGENT - Healthcare

Today, Republicans in the House passed their healthcare bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and take away healthcare from at least 24 million Americans (I call it "Don'tCare"). This bill must still pass the Senate to have a chance of being made into law. Some Republican senators have stated that they will not vote on the House bill and will instead draft their own "repeal and replace" bill (?!). Either way, we need to fight to make sure that Republicans stop attacking the ACA by doing two important things:
  1. shaming House Republicans for supporting a plan that takes healthcare away from millions of Americans
  2. demanding that the Senate reject any plan to repeal the ACA
One of my subscribers, Debbie Tapp, sent me her thoughts on the vote today:
We are mourning again. Don't let it drag you down. The Senate says they let this happen so they can protect Obamacare.
November 8 was horrible. We set our sights on the Electoral College. We started writing letters. Emails. Petitions.
December 19 was awful. There was still a chance when they accepted the votes in January.
January 20 was a depressing day but we survived planning for January 21st and the Women's March.
We have made it through over 100 days. We have learned to fight. We have learned to make calls, send postcards, march, protest.
We will continue.
We have learned that we need to win back and control Congress. If Hillary had won, we would not have learned this.
Hillary Clinton would be an awesome president but she would have fought the same battles that Obama did - but worse as a woman.
Trump is doing the damage that he does because he is an extension of a Republican Congress. We must clip his wings and flip congress.
Make sure your friends, family and neighbors are registered to vote. Contact your Elections Offices. This link may have the info. https://www.eac.gov/voters/election-day-contact-information/
Find out if paper ballots are now being used. Ask what kind of systems and how they are protected from interference such as hacking.
Then, contact your governor, your state legislators. Make changes. It is up to you.
Here are some ways you can fight back right now.
Subscriber Request - Net Neutrality

One of my subscribers, Stacey Edwards, asked me to keep posting this action because she feels that it's a very important issue, and I agree. So you got it, Stacey! Here's how you can help stop FCC Chairman Ajit Pai from destroying the free and open Internet:
  • Submit a public comment. The FCC just opened their official comment period on Pai's plan to kill net neutrality. Use this tool from Fight for the Future to submit a comment opposing the plan: https://www.battleforthenet.com/
Upcoming Events
  • May 7th - Twitter Storm for Rob Quist: On May 25th, a special election will be held for Montana's single House seat. Action Together Network is calling for a Twitter storm to support the Democratic candidate, Rob Quist, on Sunday, May 7th, at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Use the tools at the following link to join in: http://actiontogethernetwork.org/twitter-storm/
  • June 3rd - March for Truth: On Saturday, June 3rd, marches will be held all over the country to demand an impartial investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and ties to 45, his administration, and his associates. Learn more and find a march near you here: https://www.marchfortruth.info/


Nightly Actions for Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017


Oops! Last night, I had to go to bed early so that I could get up early today for an appointment, and I totally forgot to post something letting you all know that I wouldn't be blogging as usual. My bad! Everything's cool, I just wasn't up until my usual 7-8am, so I didn't have time to put together the blog. There will be a few more days like that next week. I'll try to remember to warn you. Moving on...

URGENT - Healthcare

The most important thing we need to focus on right now is healthcare. Republicans in the House are pushing for a vote TOMORROW (Thursday, May 4th) on their new bill to repeal and "replace" the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a terrible plan that would take away healthcare from millions of Americans. Many representatives have announced their opposition to the bill, but several are still on the fence. Here's how you can help kill Don'tCare again (hopefully for good this time).
Net Neutrality

Earlier today, FCC Chair Ajit Pai revealed his plan to destroy net neutrality by gutting rules that protect the free and open Internet. No net neutrality means Internet service providers can demand that companies and consumers pay fees for decent connection speeds and push those who can't pay into Internet "slow lanes." Here's how you can stop Pai's plan and save net neutrality.
LGBTQ+ Issues

Reports came out today that 45 plans to sign a so-called "religious liberty" executive order, which is basically a license to discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community. While 45 didn't sign the order today, he is now expected to sign it tomorrow as part of the "National Day of Prayer." Here's how you can help stop this order.


Nightly Actions for Monday, May 1st, 2017


Hey subscribers!

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes over the last few weeks. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've had some health issues and some personal stuff going on, and I just haven't had the spoons left at the end of the night to update the blog. To make it easier on myself going forward, I'm going to try to cut down on the number of actions I post per night. From now on, you'll only see the actions that I think are the most important, targeted, effective, or useful. Hopefully I'll be able to keep posting every weekday with that in mind.

URGENT - Healthcare

Congress delayed voting on their newer and even worse healthcare bill once again, but they're pushing to vote soon, so we have to keep fighting back against it. Here are some ways you can help.
NEW - Subscriber Submissions

While I was away, a few of my subscribers submitted calls to action that they wanted me to share. Take these actions to make a difference while supporting your fellow members of the Resistance.
  • EPA Regulatory Reform: Thanks to Brenda Deckard for this submission. The Indivisible Washington Environmental Blog is posting a Daily Docket with suggested scripts for EPA "Evaluation of Existing Regulations" public comment submissions. Public comments are being accepted until May 15th, and the blog will be posting Daily Dockets right up until the deadline. Visit the following link to find all of the Daily Docket posts and start submitting comments:
  • Teachers of the Year: Thanks to Debbie for this submission. Since 45 didn't properly honor the Teachers of the Year, let's show them our appreciation! Pick a few teachers from the following list and send them a postcard to congratulate them. Send as many as you like (there are 55 total), and don't forget to use your colored markers:
  • Stance: Thanks to Nathaniel Teichman for this submission. A new app called Stance makes calling your elected officials much easier. If you find yourself getting nothing but voicemail and busy signals, Stance can save you a lot of time. It lets you record messages for your elected officials, then delivers them at night when phone lines aren’t so busy, and it keeps calling back until it delivers your message. You don’t even have to deal with navigating a phone tree. It's perfect for introverts and night owls like me who can't call during normal office hours anyway. Learn more and download Stance for iPhone and Android devices here:
Fun Action of the Night - Shut Down 45's Anti-immigrant Hotline

Let's have some fun with this one! 45 recently launched his Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement (VOICE) office, including a hotline for reporting crimes by "illegal aliens." Channel your inner Mulder and Scully and use the following link to call into the VOICE hotline and report encounters with aliens... of the outer space/UFO variety (think E.T. or Mac and Me):