Nightly Actions for Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Special Elections - Rob Quist

Montana has one Congressional district for the whole state. On May 25th, a special election will be held to replace their representative, Ryan Zinke, who was recently appointed Secretary of Interior. Special elections are great opportunities to get more progressive leaders in Congress and reduce the Republican majority before 2018.

Democratic candidate Rob Quist is a community leader, business owner, and popular singer/songwriter who was recently endorsed by Senator Bernie Sanders. Democracy for America has developed an online phone bank tool that you can use to make calls from anywhere in the country and help get the word out about Quist. They're holding two virtual phone bank events this weekend. Training and materials will be provided. Sign up to make calls here:

Immigration - Border Patrol

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently examining procedures to investigate travelers to the U.S. In a congressional hearing, DHS Secretary John Kelly said that they’re even considering forcing some travelers to provide their passwords to social media accounts as a condition to enter the U.S.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents have already been forcing travelers entering the country to hand over the passwords to their cellphones and other devices without a warrant. Senator Ron Wyden has introduced the Data at the Border Act, which would prohibit law enforcement from barring entry to Americans who refuse to provide their passwords at the border and explicitly require a search warrant before any phone owned by a U.S. citizen is searched. Here's how you can help stop CBP and DHS from violating travelers' privacy.
LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Mark Green: 45's nominee for Secretary of the Army, Senator Mark Green, has said that he believes that being transgender is "a disease"; as a physician, he argued that he has a right to deny women birth control because of his religious beliefs; he filed state legislation that would threaten funding for sanctuary cities; and he wants to block Syrian refugees from being welcomed in Tennessee. Sign the following petition to oppose his confirmation:
  • 2020 Census: Recently, 45's administration removed questions related to sexuality and gender identity from the 2020 U.S. Census. Many LGBTQ+ Americans face higher rates of homelessness, loss of employment, and income inequality. If we don't have data on these challenges, we can't effectively tackle them. Sign the following petition to tell 45's administration not to erase the LGBTQ+ community from the 2020 Census:

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