Nightly Actions for Monday, April 17th, 2017

URGENT: Special Elections - Jon Ossoff

The special election for the House in Georgia's 6th district is tomorrow, April 18th (today if you're reading this on Tuesday morning)! Special elections are a great way for us to get some progressive candidates in Congress before 2018.

You can help make one last push to turn this seat blue by calling Georgians in the 6th district and telling them to go out and vote for the Democratic candidate, Jon Ossoff. You don't have to live in Georgia to make calls! Use the following link to sign up for a virtual phone bank and start making calls now from wherever you are:

The Environment - Paris Climate Agreement

Under the Obama administration, the U.S. was a leader in crafting the historic Paris Climate Agreement. Now 45's administration is debating either backing out of the agreement altogether or breaking our promise to significantly reduce our carbon pollution. Here's how you can help stop them.
45's Nominees - Mark Green, Army Secretary

The Secretary of the Army is responsible for every matter that relates to the Army, including personnel. 45's pick, Mark Green, is a Tennessee state politician with a horrendous record of anti-LGBTQ positions, vocal Islamophobia, and anti-Latino racism. Here's how you can help stop him from being confirmed:
White House Visitor Logs

45's administration is blocking public access to the White House visitor logs. Now there will be no way to know who is entering the White House and with whom they are meeting. Any Russia-tied associate, corporate lobbyist, or foreign agent can visit 45 in the White House, and the public will be kept in the dark. Here's how you can help oppose this policy.
  • Keeping Our Promises to Our Afghan Allies Act: Since 2009, the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program has given Afghans who aided American troops in Afghanistan an avenue to seek refuge in the U.S.; however, the program does not have enough visas to accommodate the thousands of Afghan allies and their families who are seeking refuge from oppression. The Keeping Our Promises to Our Afghan Allies Act would expand the SIV program to add 2,500 additional visas. Use the following link to call the Senate Judiciary Committee to support this bill: https://5calls.org/issue/recCLKCS8HJVJdmye
  • 45's War on Immigrants: On March 16th, 45's administration requested an extra $3 billion from Congress through September, 2017, to pay for his anti-immigrant agenda. He can’t implement this plan without funding. Use the following link to email your senators and urge them not to authorize any more funds for 45's war on immigrants:
Upcoming Events
  • April 20th - Debating with Climate Skeptics Webinar: On Thursday, April 20th, at 8pm ET/5pm PT, the Environmental Defense Fund is hosting a webinar where climate scientists will review some of the most common arguments used by climate skeptics and how to counter them. Register for the webinar here:
  • 45's Conflicts of Interest: Use the following link to call your members of Congress and urge them to support the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act of 2017, which would require the president to divulge his tax returns and divest financial assets that create a conflict of interest:
  • Student Loans: Last week, Betsy DeVos and 45 rolled back President Obama’s rules for student loan companies, which were meant to protect more than 40 million borrowers with student loan debt. Sign the following petition to tell DeVos to help students, not debt collectors: http://www.pattymurray.com/act/stand-with-students
  • Gerrymandering: For far too long, gerrymandered districts have rigged the map and silenced voters. Republican-drawn districts lock Democrats out of office and create a system where politicians pick their voters instead of voters picking their politicians. Sign the following petition to tell Congress to end gerrymandering:
  • Wall Street Tax Giveaways: Under 45's tax plan, the six biggest banks in the country would get a $25 billion break on the taxes they owe on offshore profits, and hedge fund managers and Wall Street CEOs would see a huge break on their tax rates. Sign the following petition to tell Congress that Wall Street banks and billionaires should pay their taxes like the rest of us:

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