Nightly Actions for Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

BREAKING - Muslim Ban 2.0

Today, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked 45's new Muslim ban just hours before it was supposed to go into effect, saying what is obvious to everyone: that it "targets Islam." Take a moment to celebrate this victory! 😃 Then help make sure that the ban is permanently rescinded.
Healthcare - Affordable Care Act

Republicans are getting nervous about their new healthcare bill, which I'm calling "Don't Care." Some Republican senators are saying that the bill won't pass without fundamental changes. They want to see lower insurance costs for poorer, older Americans and an increase in funding for states with many hard-to-insure people.

Conservative House Republicans are concerned that the bill is too generous (I guess 24 million people without healthcare coverage isn't enough for them?!). Here's how you can help keep up the pressure to stop Don't Care and protect the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
The Environment - Fuel Economy Standards

Today, 45 traveled to Detroit to announce a rollback of fuel economy standards for cars and trucks, which were put in place by the Obama administration. The fuel economy rules, aimed at cutting heat-trapping carbon dioxide, were one of the two main pillars of President Obama’s climate change legacy. Put forth in 2012, they would have required automakers to nearly double the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Here's how you can help stop 45 from rolling back these standards.
Upcoming Events

Ignite Webinar, March 23rd (see below for details)
  • March 16th - National Call-in Day: Tomorrow, Thursday, March 16th, Fight for $15 Home Care, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare are hosting a national call-in day to oppose Don't Care. To join in, all you have to do is call 866-426-2631 to tell Republicans in Congress to stop the repeal bill. Learn more and RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1881979332079455/
  • March 17th - Global Town Hall: On Friday, March 17th, at 9am ET/6am PT, Democrats Abroad is hosting a global telephone town hall with Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Representative Keith Ellison. Register for the call here:
  • March 21st - Political Education Conference Call: On Tuesday, March 21st, at 8pm ET/5pm PT, Showing up for Racial Justice is hosting a conference call to discuss the importance of taking action for racial justice. Register for the call here:
  • March 22nd - Moral March to Save Healthcare: On Wednesday, March 22nd, at 1pm, Faith in Public Life is hosting a press conference and march on Capitol Hill to fight against Don't Care and demand a moral commitment to healthcare reform for all Americans. If you'll be in the Washington, D.C. area, you can register for the event here:
  • March 23rd - Getting on a Board or Commission Webinar: On Thursday, March 23rd, at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT, Ignite is hosting a webinar to discuss how you can take the next step into political leadership by applying to serve on a board or commission in your local community. Register for the webinar here: https://ignitenational.clickmeeting.com/getting-on-a-board-or-commission/register
Previous Events
  • 45's Tax Returns: A bill was recently introduced in the House that would direct the Department of the Treasury to provide the House with 45's full tax returns from 2006-2015. Find your representative at the following link and use the script below from re:act to call them and urge them to support this bill: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

    Hello my name is [NAME] from [PLACE]. I am calling because I think we have to ensure that our president’s foreign dealings do not violate the US constitution, or pose a threat to our national security. Does [REPRESENTATIVE X] support House Resolution 186 and the release of President Trump’s tax returns? Will [REPRESENTATIVE X] be vocal in doing so?
  • Federal Employees: Congress is moving fast to pass three bills that would take away the rights of working people in the federal government to have a collective voice on the job. Use the following link to email your representative and tell them to oppose these bills:
  • Net Neutrality: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to wipe out net neutrality. He would potentially let the cable companies demand that websites pay them fees by threatening to slow down access to their content if they refuse to pay. Sign this petition to tell Pai and the FCC to save net neutrality: https://victorykit.watchdog.net/c/support-net-neutrality/
  • Breitbart: The comments section on Breitbart, Steve Bannon's white nationalist "news" website, is powered by a company called Disqus. Sign this petition to tell Disqus to develop a hate speech policy and ditch Breitbart: https://actions.sumofus.org/a/disqus-you-host-breitbart-s-cesspool-of-a-comment-section-adopt-a-hate-speech-policy-now/

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