Nightly Actions for Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Immigration - ICE Raids

Today, 45 told members of the press that his new immigration bill would allow undocumented immigrants who aren't serious or violent criminals to remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation, which of course goes against everything he has said and done thus far. However, he also said that he still stands behind his call for "extreme vetting" and his unconstitutional Muslim ban. Meanwhile, massive ICE raids have continued all over the country, targeting all undocumented immigrants, not just those who are serious or violent criminals. Here's how you can help protect immigrants from 45's attacks.
The Environment - EPA Protections

Today, 45 once again showed that he doesn't care about our environment by signing an executive order aimed at rolling back an Obama-era rule that protects public bodies of water. Rolling back this rule would put clean water and public health at risk. 45 is also poised to announce massive budget cuts to the EPA, and he recently put Scott Pruitt, who wants to get rid of the EPA, in charge of the Agency. Here's how you can help fight against 45's anti-environment agenda.
Upcoming Events
  • Healthcare - Affordable Care Act: 45 and the Republicans are promising a new plan to take away health insurance from millions of Americans within the next few days. Use the information at the following link to call your MoC and demand that they block any bill that destroys the ACA's expansion of Medicaid:
  • Federal Agencies: Corporate Republicans in Congress want to hamstring the agencies in charge of consumer and financial protections, worker rights, public health, food safety, clean air and water, and more. Use this form to email your MoC and tell them vote no on bills that weaken our public protections:
  • International Affairs Budget: 45's administration is planning massive cuts to development assistance programs in the International Affairs budget, which have saved millions of children’s lives. Use this form to email 45 and tell him not to cut the International Affairs budget:

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