Nightly Actions for Thursday, February 16, 2017

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URGENT - 45's Cabinet

Scott Pruitt, Environmental Protection Agency
Today, the Senate pushed through the vote on Scott Pruitt, which is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. One Republican senator, Susan Collins, has already announced that she will vote against him. Pruitt is against everything that the EPA stands for. He has stated many times that he wants to get rid of the agency altogether. Here's how you can help block his confirmation.
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45's Ties to Russia - Flynnghazi

Calls for an independent investigation into 45's ties to Russia continued today, but House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz asked the Department of Justice (DoJ) to investigate the leaks surrounding Michael Flynn; not the likely treasonous communications he had with Russia, but the people who leaked them to the press (?!). Meanwhile, U.S. intelligence officials have withheld sensitive intelligence from 45 because they're concerned that it could be leaked or compromised. Here's how you can help push for a thorough investigation of 45's and his administration's ties to Russia.
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Congressional Recess
Next week, members of Congress will return home from Washington, D.C. for the Congressional recess. This is a prime time to stop by their offices, attend townhalls, or ask them to hold town halls. Here are some ways that you can find upcoming events during the Congressional recess.
Other Events
  • Conference Call with Senator Elizabeth Warren: Tuesday, February 21st, at 9pm ET/6pm PT, Credo Action is holding a conference call with Senator Elizabeth Warren to discuss ways to oppose and resist 45's agenda. Register for the call here:
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My Letter to the Editor
I just wanted to share my letter to the editor in support of immigrants, which was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer today. Feel free to use my letter as a reference to write your own. You can find your local newspapers here: http://www.usnpl.com/

Stand with Immigrants
Today, immigrants all over the country stayed home from work to demonstrate their importance to the economy as part of the Day Without Immigrants boycott. Many businesses also closed in solidarity. Meanwhile, court documents stated that 45's administration plans to issue a replacement for the suspended Muslim ban. Anti-immigrant and Islamophobic sentiment is still widespread among 45's supporters. Here's how you can help stand with and support immigrants in your community and throughout the country.
  • Petition - Denounce Attacks on Immigrants: Today, Senator Kamala Harris, daughter of an immigrant, spoke on the Senate floor against the climate of fear that 45 has created with his attacks on immigrants and refugees. Sign her petition to tell 45 and his administration that you oppose his anti-immigrant agenda: http://go.kamalaharris.org/page/s/sign-now-to-denounce-trump-s-attacks-on-immigrants-
  • Petition - Release Ervin Gonzalez: Last week, Ervin Gonzalez, an undocumented El Paso woman and domestic abuse survivor, was ambushed and arrested inside a courthouse just as the judge was granting her a protective order from her abuser. Her attorneys believe that it was her abuser who tipped federal immigration agents about her undocumented status. Undocumented survivors already avoid reporting their abusers for fear of deportation or being separated from their children, and stories like this will likely make the problem worse. Sign this petition to tell ICE Director Thomas Homan to release Gonzalez and stop targeting survivors of domestic abuse: https://act.weareultraviolet.org/sign/el-paso-ice/
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Open Primaries
This weekend, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will select their new chair. Currently, Tom Perez is in the lead. During a recent debate, Perez was asked if he would support open primaries, and he avoided answering the question. Here's how you can help urge the DNC to support open primaries.
  • Join the Open Primaries Thunderclap. Thunderclap is an app that shares a synchronized message across social media platforms at a specific date and time. Join the Open Primaries Thunderclap to demand that the new DNC chair listen to the 70% of Americans who support open primaries: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/53345-dnc-support-open-primaries
Connecticut Special Election
On February 28, a special election will be held in Connecticut to elect a new state senator for District 32. The seat is currently vacant because the incumbent Republican, Bob Kane, has accepted a special appointment. If Republicans win this district, they will have a majority in the State Senate. Connecticut would then join the list of blue states with red legislature. Here's how you can help keep Connecticut blue.
  • Canvass for Greg Cava. Commit to make canvass calls for Greg Cava, the Democratic candidate in the running for the seat, to help get Connecticut voters out to the polls. Learn more and sign up to make calls here: https://www.codeblue.team/ctgameplan/
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  • Healthcare - Affordable Care Act: Members of Congress who are pushing to repeal the ACA are having trouble, so they're trying to do it through the back door. Today, the administration put out a proposal that would cut next year's enrollment period in half. They're proposing giving insurance companies free rein to raise deductibles, narrow people's choice of doctors, and put up restrictions for people from getting covered mid-year when they have a child or lose their employer-based insurance. This proposal, by law, has to allow the public to have their say. Fill out this form to leave your comment and speak out against this proposal:
  • LGBTQ Issues - Protecting Transgender Students: Under President Obama, the Department of Education and DoJ released federal guidance that says that schools must respect transgender students' gender identities, including when it comes to names and pronouns, dress codes, and restrooms. Last Friday, the DoJ, now led by Jeff Sessions, declined to fight back against an injunction blocking the federal government from implementing those protections. Use this form to email Sessions and tell him that the DoJ should protect transgender students:
  • Media Survey: 45's campaign has put out a "Mainstream Media Accountability Survey," which basically demonizes the media in the guise of asking for the opinions of Americans. So let's give him our opinion! Fill out the survey at the following link, and be sure to read the questions carefully and leave comments: https://action.donaldjtrump.com/mainstream-media-accountability-survey/
  • Help Former Shopify Employees: Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company that currently hosts the online store for Breitbart, Steve Bannon's white nationalist propaganda website. Many Shopify employees are quitting due to the company's refusal to stop hosting Breitbart's store. If you are a business owner or recruiter, please consider helping these former Shopify employees by recruiting them for jobs. Sign up to help here: https://actions.sumofus.org/a/help-a-former-shopify-employee/
  • Say "NO!" to Fascism: Evidence is mounting that 45 and his administration are attempting to run a fascist regime. The similarities to fascists of the past cannot be ignored: Dissent is criminalized. The truth his bludgeoned. Groups are demonized and targeted. History has shown that fascism must be stopped before it becomes too late. Sign this call to action to pledge to refuse fascism and stand up to 45's regime: https://refusefascism.org/new-call-home/
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