Nightly Actions for Saturday, February 11, 2017

URGENT - Immigration: ICE Raids
  • Petition - Last night, protesters filled the streets of Los Angeles as ICE took roughly 100 people from their homes. They are now detained and at risk of being deported. During the swearing in ceremony of Jeff Sessions, 45 signed three executive orders to strengthen the power and authority of local law enforcement. Sign this petition calling on mayors throughout the country to protect immigrant communities from ICE raids:
LGBTQ Issues
  • Email - Last week, a leaked draft of a new presidential executive order circulated. It's basically a license to discriminate against women and LGBTQ people. This violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution and equal protection by favoring certain religious beliefs over others. Use this form to email the White House and tell 45 not to sign this discriminatory order:
45's Conflicts of Interest
  • Petition - Yesterday, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to 45, violated federal law by going TV and endorsing Ivanka Trump's products. Congressman Jason Chaffetz called it, "wrong, wrong, wrong," yet he refused to use his power as head of the House Government Oversight Committee to investigate 45's ever-widening web of corruption, even after he spent years investigating Benghazi. Sign this petition to tell Chaffetz to do his job and investigate 45's corruption:
45's Cabinet: Scott Pruitt, EPA
The Environment: Oil and Gas Regulations
  • Petition - A bill recently proposed by Congressman Paul Gosar would eliminate regulations related to oil and gas drilling, including fracking, in America's national parks. This proposed change would enable companies to drill without detailed safety plans and with essentially no government management. Sign this petition to tell Congress to protect our national parks:
Voting: National Popular Vote
  • Email - Currently, most states award their electoral votes to the winner in their state, so presidential candidates have no reason to campaign everywhere. Instead, they only compete in a handful of swing states, effectively ignoring voters in every other state. A national popular vote would not only ensure that the person who actually got more votes wins the presidency, but it would also let candidates spend time engaging with voters in all 50 states. Use this form to email your state legislators and tell them you support a national popular vote:
Impeach 45
  • Read - This article outlines seven ways that you can strengthen your spirits as you resist 45's administration. At the end, you can sign up to receive regular updates with more tips for self care through the resistance: http://www.findingsteadyground.com/

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