Nightly Actions for Monday, February 27th, 2017

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45's Conflicts of Interest

Tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on a resolution of inquiry proposed by Rep. Jerry Nadler, which demands an investigation into 45's conflicts of interest. Here are some ways you can help get the investigation going.
Healthcare - Affordable Care Act

Republicans in Congress recently announced some of their plans for "replacing" the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and they're insufficient to say the least. Here's how you can help save the ACA.
The Environment

The Senate recently confirmed Scott Pruitt as the head of the EPA, a guy who wants to get rid of the EPA (?!). Protections for our climate, environment, and wildlife are now at risk. Here's how you can help keep them in place.
Featured Websites

Americans Resisting Overseas
A subscriber recently sent me information about a group of expat Americans who are joining the resistance overseas. Here is what she said:

A month ago today (2/25), a group of Americans living overseas launched the platform Americans Resisting Overseas: www.americansresistingoverseas.com

The platform seeks to:
  1. Empower American migrants overseas to exercise their citizenship by mobilizing against actions of the new administration from outside the USA through publishing overseas catered Act Nows
  2. Facilitate a space for American migrants overseas to connect and share their actions and mobilizations, in order to strengthen collective action across borders through publishing Feature Actions and How Tos.
  3. Invite reflection by American migrants overseas around their political context as activists living outside the USA through Global Perspectives.
We started the platform because Americans living overseas represent an enormous political force but they can often be left on the outside of mobilization strategies. The platform is a way to think creatively about mobilizing from other countries.

If you are an American living overseas, please check out the link above for more information.

Sophia's Virtual Stoa
I had the pleasure of meeting Sophia this weekend at a rally protesting the 45 administration's removal of protections for transgender students. She gave me a brochure and told me about her movement to educate resisters about a philosophy known as stoicism. This philosophy aims to trade anger at social injustices for "a resolve to properly do their part in the effort to effect change." Her website is full of information about stoicism and how to apply it to activism and help combat resistance fatigue, among other issues. Check it out here: http://virtualstoa.org/

Sophia is also working to create local groups who will meet to study stoicism together in person. So far, there is only one group here in the Philadelphia area. If you live near Philly, you can join here:

Actions that Cover Multiple Issues

These links contain actions that cover a wide variety of issues, and it's much easier for me to share a link to the single page than to break it all up into multiple categories. So, here they are:

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