Nightly Actions for Monday, February 7, 2017

URGENT - Trump's Nominees

Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos
The Senate hearing to confirm Betsy DeVos is scheduled for tomorrow at noon. Right now, Senate Democrats are holding the floor to protest DeVos, and they've pledged to do it for the full 24 hours leading up to her hearing. If one more Republican senator opposes DeVos, she won't be confirmed. We're down to the wire. Here's how you can help.
  1. Call Republican senators. Here are a few ways you can call your senators and tell them to vote no on DeVos:

    Use one of the following links to find your sate's Republican senator and call them using the provided script: If you live in AZ, KS, NE, NV, PA or WV, find your senator on the following list and call them using the script below:

  2. Email your senators. Use the following form to email your senators and tell them to vote no on DeVos: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/tell-your-senators-oppose-betsy-devos-for-education-secretary
  3. Tweet Republican senators. Use the links on this page to Tweet Republican senators and tell them to vote no on DeVos: http://tweetsheettuesdays.blogspot.com/2017/02/emergency-devos-tweet-sheet-tweet-these.html
  4. Sign petitions. Sign the following petitions to send a message to Republican senators to oppose DeVos:
Attorney General: Jeff Sessions The Senate is expected to vote on Jeff Sessions on Wednesday. Sessions has a troubling record on civil rights, voting rights, and immigration reform, and he has been hostile toward the expansion of civil rights protections for women, people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrants, and voters. Here's how you can help block him:
  1. Call your senators. Use this form to call your senators and tell them to vote no on Sessions: http://actnow.prochoiceamerica.org/sign/170206_sessionsvote_call/
  2. Write a letter to your senators. The Daily Kos is planning to personally deliver printed letters to the Senate, urging them to vote against Sessions. Use this form to write your letter: https://www.dailykos.com/campaigns/letters/send-a-letter-to-us-senators-block-jeff-sessions-from-becoming-the-next-attorney-general
Labor Secretary: Andrew Puzder The vote on Andrew Puzder has been delayed four times due to missing paperwork. Puzder is the CEO of Hardee's and Carl's Jr., and he is known for opposing minimum wage increases and advocating for machines to take over the work of human employees. Here's how you can help block him:
  1. Call members of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pension. If you see your state on the following list, call your senator using the script below:
    • AK: Lisa Murkowski (R) - (202) 224-6665
    • CO: Michael Bennet (D) - (202) 224-5852
    • GA: Johnny Isakson (R) - (202) 224-3643
    • IN: Todd Young - (202) 224-5623
    • KS: Pat Roberts (R) - (202) 224-4774
    • KY: Rand Paul (R) - (202) 224-4343
    • LA: Bill Cassidy (R) - (202) 224-5824
    • MA: Elizabeth Warren (D) - (202) 224-4543
    • ME: Susan Collins (R) - (202) 224-2523
    • MN: Al Franken (D) - (202) 224-5641
    • NC: Richard Burr (R) - (202) 224-3154
    • NH: Maggie Hassan (D) - (202) 224-3324
    • PA: Bob Casey (D) - (202) 224-6324
    • RI: Sheldon Whitehouse (D) - (202) 224-2921
    • SC: Tim Scott (R) - (202) 224-6121
    • TN: Lamar Alexander (R) - (202) 224-4944
    • UT: Orrin Hatch (R) - (202) 224-5251
    • VT: Bernie Sanders (I) - (202) 224-5141
    • VA: Tim Kaine (D) - (202) 224-4024
    • WA: Patty Murray (D) - (202) 224-2621
    • WI: Tammy Baldwin (D) - (202) 224-5653
    • WY: Michael Enzi (R) - (202) 224-3424
    My name is _____, I live in zip code ____. I am calling to tell Senator ____ that Andy Puzder should be rejected for the position of Secretary of Labor. His track record clearly shows that he protects executives and corporations over workers. Please tell the Senator to vote NO on Andy Puzder.
  2. Email your senators. Use this form to email your senators and tell them to oppose Puzder: http://action.foe.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=21060
National Security Council: Steve Bannon Trump recently appointed white nationalist propaganda pusher, Steve Bannon, to the National Security Council. Here's how you can help remove him:
  1. Call your members of Congress. Use the following link to find your members of Congress and call them using the provided script: http://thesixtyfive.org/weeklyCTA
  2. Join the postcard avalanche. A recent Twitter campaign is calling for Americans to send postcards addressed to "President Steve Bannon" to the White House. It doesn't matter what the postcard says. Just let Bannon know what you think of him. The idea is to send a message to Trump that we know Bannon is pulling the strings. Send your postcard to the address below, then Tweet a photo of it using the hashtags #PostcardstoBannon and #PresidentBannon:

    President Stephen Bannon
    c/o The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20500
Other Nominees
  1. Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court: Senate Republicans essentially stole the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Scalia by refusing to vote on President Obama's nomination. Several Senate Democrats have answered Senator Jeff Merkley's call to filibuster Trump's nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Use this form to call your democratic senator and tell them to join the filibuster: http://act.democracyforamerica.com/call/filibuster-trump-nominee/
  2. Scott Pruitt, EPA: Republicans suspended committee rules to advance the nomination of Scott Pruitt without any Democrats present. Now, the vote will go to the Senate floor. Pruitt is a science-denier who has filed 14 lawsuits to block lifesaving clean air and water rules. Use this form to call your senators and tell them to vote no on Pruitt: http://www.nrdcactionfund.org/call-your-senators-and-ask-them-to-oppose-scott-pruitts-confirmation/
  3. Tom Price, Health and Human Services: Rep. Tom Price supports repealing the Affordable Care Act, cutting funding for Medicaid, ending Medicare, and defunding Planned Parenthood. Use this form to call one of 11 key senators and tell them to vote no on Price: https://act.credoaction.com/call/call_block_price/
  4. Steve Mnuchin, Treasury: "Foreclosure King," Steve Mnuchin, is known for profiting off of the financial crisis by foreclosing on thousands of elderly homeowners. Use this form to call the Senate and tell them to oppose Mnuchin: https://act.credoaction.com/call/block_mnuchin_calls/
  1. Affordable Care Act: Congress has been talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), rolling back advances in healthcare coverage, and gutting current healthcare programs. Use this form to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in support of quality, affordable healthcare: http://action.momsrising.org/lte/Healthcare
  2. Muslim Ban: Attorneys and translators have flocked to airports in the wake of Trump's unconstitutional Muslim ban to assist refugees and travelers coming into the U.S. If you don't have a law degree and don't speak any foreign languages, you can still help by being a welcomer. Just make a welcome sign and show up at international arrivals at your local airport. Below is a photo of a welcoming committee at Dulles Airport in Virginia for some inspiration:

  3. The Environment: A bill that would eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been introduced in Congress. Postcards for America is calling on Americans to send postcards to members of Congress telling them to oppose the bill. Find more information and instructions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CcKrHIRQ4LEFjxYTPkDikLZAvFi4Ei8AaWm8E1mpAOA/
  4. Public Broadcasting: Two bills that would end federal funding of National Public Radio (NPR) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting have been introduced in Congress. Postcards for America is calling on Americans to send postcards to members of Congress telling them to oppose these bills. Find more information and instructions here: http://docdro.id/Rufae3g
  5. Impeach Trump: A petition to impeach Trump (https://impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org/) currently has almost 650,000 signatures, and recent polls show that about 40% of Americans support impeachment. Sign this petition to tell Senators Sanders and McCain to lead the movement to impeach Trump: https://actionsprout.io/40C740/initial

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