Night Off

Dear Subscribers:

Tonight, I'm taking a night off because I'm very tired and I want to watch TV until I fall asleep on the couch. I suggest you all take a night (or day) off every now and then, too because resistance fatigue is a thing. The Resistance is millions strong, and there will always be someone there to hold the fort. Like Michael Moore said, stagger your breathing so that we all don't have to take a breath at the same time.

For now, just relax and give yourselves a big pat on the back for helping Stephanie Hansen win the Delaware Senate special election! Yay!

Meet Delaware's new Democratic Senator: Stephanie Hansen!
Read about Hansen's win here: https://www.palmerreport.com/news/democrat-stephanie-hansen-wins-delaware-race-state-senate-majority-remains-blue/1672/

I'll see you tomorrow night.

Jen Heller Meservey
The Night Owl Activist

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