Nightly Actions for Tuesday, January 24, 2017

  1. Protect Healthcare — Now is a critical time to make our voices heard to protect healthcare coverage. The coverage of nearly 30 million people is at risk. Send a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper to speak out for quality, affordable healthcare via this easy link! (It’s truly easy. Sample language and direct links to papers are on the link when you click it). Click to help protect healthcare: http://action.momsrising.org/lte/Healthcare?t=2&akid=8677.2467805.yKAY1J
  2. Indivisible is one of several groups making visits to senators' offices around the country to demand that they protect the ACA. To join an event, find your local Indivisible group here: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/groups-nav
  3. If you missed the Resist Trump Tuesdays conference call last night, read the notes from it and learn how to get involved here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16S9Ho0EEI9wgx6Si3X_Grb2TeTm_Jla5x5S6nTWJOG0/edit
  4. Organizing for Action is hosting a conference call on Thursday night that will detail their strategy for stopping the repeal of the ACA. RSVP for the call here: https://my.ofa.us/page/m/55c19158/6d1ab6ae/485a6c940/1ac88b66/796164002/VEsH/p/eyJKU1ZGVFVGSlRDVWwiOiJqaG1lc2VydmV5QGdtYWlsLmNvbSIsIkpTVmFTVkFsSlE9PSI6IjE5MDM4In0=/
  5. Sign this petition to tell Republicans to keep their hands off healthcare: http://links.dga.mkt6018.com/ctt?kn=1&ms=MTAyOTQzMTQS1&r=MTgwNTA3MjU3NjUwS0&b=0&j=MTA4MjAxMDQwNgS2&mt=1&rt=0
  6. Up Against the Law Legal Collective's website is full of helpful information for protesters. Check it out and know your rightshttp://upagainstthelaw.org/
  7. By Sunday: Demand a public hearing. The head of the Office of Government Ethics wants a public hearing on POTUS’s conflicts of interest. Chaffetz refuses. Rep. Will Hurd is the most endangered R on the Committee—call himhttp://americawillbe.us14.list-manage.com/track/click?u=91aef46e343db45653d78490e&id=c22c9a3353&e=de9eb980bb
  8. Sign this petition to tell Congress to pass Senator Warren's Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act: http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/warren-bill-trump-conflicts-dp/
  9. Any day now, Trump will announce one of the most far-reaching decisions of his presidency: his nominee for the Supreme Court seat the Republicans stole. Our senators need to know NOW that we won’t allow him to destroy generations of progress.

    Donald Trump is set to appoint a justice who will turn back the clock to the 19th century. He’s choosing from a group of judges hand-picked by extremist conservatives and their billionaire backers. It’s great news for Trump’s cronies, and scary as hell for women, People of Color, the LGBT community and working families.

    Unless we stop him, Trump will build a Supreme Court that will police our bodies and our bedrooms, but won’t pursue racial justice, protect us from gun violence or rein in corporate power. They’re trying to tear down everything we’ve accomplished for decades and strip away our rights. Visit this link to find and call your local legislatorshttp://www.weekly-resistance.online/
  10. Today, Trump signed Executive Orders to move the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines forward. Use this form to send him a message that we will stand with our allies and fight him every step of the way: http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=0afa6f66ae6035531e4fcf7ea52ea8b2ac0a40114a16240b5275f810fb0828b8442e1fe4712e8e8ab2736ea56336406d

    You can also Tweet him using this sample Tweet: @realDonaldTrump -- these pipelines aren't in our national interest & we will #resist! #NoKXL #NoDAPL
  11. A North Dakota Representative proposed a law that would protect drivers who "accidentally" hit and kill activists. They even admitted the bill is aimed at water protectors at Standing Rock! Sign this petition to stop this insane law: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=IfZ.f&m=fwd2VD1Pq6Hj.d.&b=bLhkhJ7mnCewk6MsSY59pw
  12. Donald Trump has promised to expand oil and gas drilling, kill the Clean Power Plan and roll back some of our most fundamental environmental protections. It's up to us to show President Trump that we are ready to act — in and out of court — against any attempts to derail the progress we've made and force us down a path toward climate chaos.

    Urge Trump not to threaten our wildlife and wild places or reverse our progress in fighting climate change — and tell him that you're ready to fight his administration's disastrous plans every step of the way. Use this form to send him a messagehttp://www.nrdconline.org/site/R?i=ElBHhQ6YvTMZtE3aDGRX_g
  13. Sign this petition to keep the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and protect immigrants from deportation: https://action.unitedwedream.org/petitions/keep-the-deferred-action-for-childhood-arrivals-daca-program
  14. Open Twitter and Facebook and post using the hashtags #DACA #SaveDACA #HereToStay and tweet why DACA matters to you and immigrants. Here are some sample tweets:
    Hundreds of thousands of lives have changed thanks to #DACA. Immigrants and refugees are #HereToStay! #SaveDACA

    750,000+ people need #DACA to help their families, friends, and neighbors. Our community is #HereToStay #SaveDACA

    With #DACA I have been able to help my family and continue my education. I am #HereToStay! #SaveDACA

    We need to protect #DACA! #HereToStay #SaveDACA Tweet & RT this link and help hundreds of thousands of immigrants: bit.ly/2jhM9Gd
  15. If you went to a Women's March on Saturday, fill out this short surveyhttp://www.nrdconline.org/site/R?i=jyF9QW3YSIWTtbArIRmD-g
  16. Also if you went to a Women's March, VotoLatino would like to hear from you. Tell them why you marched here: http://salsa4.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=sbQDKKe1fQdN4MCaukJX8PxJcgik6u%2B9
  17. The Women’s March put all our legislators, local, state, and federal, on notice that WE are watching them. Feel free to send friendly postcards to your legislators and key other legislators letting them know this. Here is a suggestion for your message: “You can be assured that I and my friends are watching your votes closely and will, in turn, vote accordingly when you're up for re-election." Find your legislators here: http://act.commoncause.org/site/PageServer?pagename=sunlight_advocacy_list_page
  18. Sign this petition to impeach Donald Trump: https://www.impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org/
  19. Call your representatives and tell them to vote no on H.R. 7, the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017," which would permanently restrict federal dollars from covering abortion care for women who depend on the federal government for their healthcare needs: http://cqrcengage.com/prochoice/app/take-action?engagementId=279913&ep=AAAAC2Flc0NpcGhlcjAxT3uApOuFFHpE8K22r_Jkdo10mZXW7nCRvMraoCwS_awRAOLAEKi_ZsdaMMIVKMuI7Zlf_wyiBG1Qh2kU2fAFMT3aYSfJ8rJUS0bNW1elj34&lp=0
  20. Call on Donald Trump to reverse his federal hiring and pay freeze. Right now, veterans make up about 31 percent of the federal workforce in the United States of America. And what that means is that Donald Trump’s hiring and pay freeze hits veterans harder than almost any other group, including unemployed veterans who would have had a great shot at getting new jobs, thanks to President Obama’s Veterans Employment Initiative. Sign this petition calling on Donald Trump to reverse his federal hiring and pay freeze or to detail a specific plan immediately that will help put veterans across the country to work: http://action.votevets.org/page/m/139e3804/1cd0c479/3c309857/6dc14372/3386126707/VEsH/
  21. Congress is considering gutting a critical tool for fighting corruption and poverty across the globe. We have just learned that some in Congress are trying to undo an important anti-corruption law that shines a light on payments from oil, gas, and mining companies to foreign governments. Use this form to send letters to your members of congress and demand that they oppose any efforts to roll back this corruption-fighting tool: https://secure3.oxfamamerica.org/page/speakout/urgent-fight-corruption-now
  22. Congress spends more than half its time fundraising -- every single day. It's time to fix Congress so they work for the American people, not just wealthy donors. Sign this petition if you agree: http://act.issueone.org/Fix-Congress
  23. Use these call scripts and links from whatdoidoabouttrump.com to contact your representatives about various important issues: http://whatdoidoabouttrump.com/2017/01/24/3notrump-tuesday-actions-1242017/
  24. Stop Hate! — The U.S. Senate has started voting on Trump’s cabinet nominees. It’s an understatement to say that this isn’t a normal cabinet, nomination process, or election. These nominees represent and promote hateful ideals and policies that are harmful for our children and our economy. We cannot stay silent because these dangerous cabinet nominations hurt our children and families, threaten our economy, and tear at the fabric or our democracy. Join us in telling the U.S. Senate not to confirm a Cabinet of Bigotry. Click to sign onto a letter to your U.S. Senator about the cabinet nominees: http://action.momsrising.org/sign/put-stop-cabinet-of-bigotry/?t=4&akid=8677.2467805.yKAY1J
  25. The vote to appoint Betsy DeVos for secretary of education has been delayed to January 31st. Use this list of phone numbers and sample script to call members of the US Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee and tell them to oppose DeVos: http://npeaction.org/2017/01/21/breaking-devos-vote-delayed-january-31/
  26. The vote on Jeff Sessions for attorney general has been delayed until next week. Make plans to stop by your senators' offices this week and urge them to oppose Sessions: http://act.freepress.net/survey/trump_stop_sessions/?t=1&akid=6027.10634669.J0GF_y
  27. Sign this petition to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose Sessions' confirmation: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/tell-the-senate-judiciary-committee-to-stopsessions
  28. Call members of the Environment and Public Works Committee before January 30th to urge them to oppose the confirmation of Scott Pruitt for EPA administrator: https://act.credoaction.com/call/block_pruitt_calls/
  29. Use this form to email your senators and ask them to oppose the confirmation of Scott Pruitt: http://www.nrdconline.org/site/R?i=d1LpNCJh28XtRQV15eNvWg
  30. Sign this petition to oppose the nomination of "foreclosure king" Steve Mnuchin for treasury secretary: https://act.credoaction.com/sign/mnuchin

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