Nightly Actions for Thursday, January 26, 2017

  1. The Resistance Manual is a great resource for ways that you can fight back against the Trump Administration. Check it out here: https://www.resistancemanual.org/Resistance_Manual_Home
  2. The GOP plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act will have disastrous consequences for millions of Americans. Sign this petition to stand with Democrats across the country and say you'll fight to protect access to affordable health care: http://my.democrats.org/page/s/save-the-affordable-care-act
  3. Republicans in Congress plan to ram through a budget bill that could gut Medicare and Medicaid, increase prescription drug prices and take away health coverage for over 30 million Americans – all while providing billions of dollars in tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy. We must stand together against the GOP’s radical agenda to strip health care from millions. Sign this petition to tell the GOP not to gut our healthcare: http://petitions.signforgood.com/OurHealthCare
  4. Trump just began his war against immigrants, refugees, and Muslims. Strongly reject his executive actions on immigration and refugees. Tell your local mayor to make your city a sanctuary city (or if your city is already a sanctuary city, tell them that you support their decision). Use this form to find a campaign in your areahttps://action.mijente.net/efforts/tell-your-mayor-to-defy-trump-expand-sanctuary/targets/by_location
  5. Trump may ban vast numbers of people from coming to America because of their religion. Sign this petition if you still believe in the core American ideal of welcoming those escaping violence or hoping to make better lives for themselves here: http://action.citizen.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=13402
  6. Yesterday, Trump signed an executive order to start construction of his border wall, and he wants us to pay for it. Sign this petition to tell Trump that not one dollar of our taxes will be spent on his offensive, ineffective wall: http://my.democrats.org/page/s/tell-trump-not-my-taxes
  7. Just this week, Trump signed executive orders that are the opposite of our nation’s history and vision for the future. Trump is advancing orders for banning immigrants, and discriminating against people of the Muslim faith. Click the following link to send a mini Statue of Liberty to one of the Trump Towers in order to let Donald Trump know that liberty and justice for all means all: http://action.momsrising.org/sign/Immigration_Ban/
  8. Trump took aim at cities where local leaders refuse to hand over immigrants for deportation, and he is poised to ban Muslims and Syrian refugees from coming to the U.S. Sign this petition to take a stand against Trump's anti-Muslim agenda: http://action.foe.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/
  9. Stopping refugee resettlement, for any period of time for any group of people, would undermine our nation’s founding principles of being a beacon of freedom and hope. An announcement restricting access to resettlement from primarily Muslim countries is tantamount to the Muslim ban that President Trump threatened during his campaign. This is a clear case of discrimination based on religion and nationality and must be decried as such. Sign this petition to tell Trump not to stop refugee settlement in the United States: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/do-not-stop-refugee-resettle
  10. Trump just instituted a gag order to all employees in the Environmental Protection Agency and the USDA, however, public outcry reversed that decision for the USDA. That means scientists are barred from communicating with the public about taxpayer-funded work. Sign this petition to demand that the gag rule be revoked: http://action.dccc.org/petition/trump-epa
  11. Trump’s gag rule on many government agencies has cause them to create unofficial Twitter accounts so that they can still fulfill their responsibility of getting information to us taxpayers.  Please consider following them to support them and to keep informed: @AltForestServ @AltNatParkSer @Alt_NASA @RogueNASA @altUSEPA @Alt_CDC @AltHHS @alt_fda @Alt_NIH @altusda
  12. Attorney General nominee, Jeff Sessions, reportedly played a key advisory role in shaping these Trump policy positions, but the Senate Judiciary Committee didn’t know about these executive orders at Sessions’ confirmation hearing on January 10th, so they didn’t get to ask him any questions. Call Senate Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley and demand a second confirmation hearing for Sessions: https://www.aclu.org/feature/ask-sessions-more-questions
  13. Use the talking points and phone number on this page to call your senators and tell them to vote no on Jeff Sessions: http://act.commoncause.org/site/R?i=NsVIQkHm4qdcDfxf2-fFcQ
  14. Trump has chosen one of net neutrality’s harshest critics to head the FCC. Ajit Pai, a Republican FCC commissioner since 2012, once said he’d take a “weed whacker” to FCC rules, which include net neutrality. As head of the FCC, Pai could whack net neutrality protections right out of existence. Sign this petition to help protect it: https://www.alfranken.com/landing/e170126/
  15. Join CREDO on Facebook live tomorrow at 1:30pm ET/10:30am PT to watch CREDO members and progressive champion Sen. Jeff Merkley take a public stand against billionaire bigot Betsy DeVos’ nomination as secretary of education. Like CREDO on Facebook to be notified when the event goes live: https://www.facebook.com/CREDO
  16. Beginning next week, the U.S. Senate will start voting on Trump’s cabinet nominees. These nominees represent and promote hateful ideals and policies that are harmful for our children and our economy. Sign this petition to tell the Senate to vote against Trump's proposed cabinet nominees: http://action.momsrising.org/sign/put-stop-cabinet-of-bigotry/
  17. Newly sworn in South Carolina governor Henry McMaster recently announced plans to keep his membership at an all-white country club. Bigotry and discrimination should have no place in our politics, no matter who’s in the White House. Sign this petition to take a stand against racism and tell Gov. McMaster to cancel his membership at an all-white club: http://petitions.signforgood.com/TrumpRacism/
  18. We're only on day 7 of Trump's administration and he's already taken sweeping action to restrict abortion, attack immigrants, start his plans to ban Muslims, and even silence federal agencies. Democrats have responded by letting Trump's cabinet sail through. 15 Senate Democrats voted for Trump's pro-torture CIA pick, Mike Pompeo, and yesterday, two true progressive champions voted in favor of Ben Carson to run the federal housing agency.

    Now, with just days to go before Trump names his nominee for the Supreme Court, it's time to send a clear message. Sign this petition to tell the Democrats in Congress that we need them to fight A LOT harder to stop Trump and his hate filled agenda: https://act.weareultraviolet.org/sign/democrats_resist/
  19. Police at Standing Rock renewed their violent campaign against DAPL Water Protectors. Sign this petition to demand that CNN, NBC and CBS end the media blackout of how activists are still being treated by law enforcement protecting the interests of DAPL: https://actionsprout.io/1F429D/initial
  20. Right now, 90 percent of elections are determined in the primary, the outcomes of which are dictated only by the hyper-partisan few, in states with closed primaries. We need more democracy, not less. Yet the candidates for Democratic Party chair are ignoring the calls of their own base for reform. Sign this petition to tell the incoming chairs of the DNC and RNC to open the primaries now: http://www.openprimaries.org/unrig-it-2020
  21. In his second official press briefing as Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer stated that Donald Trump firmly believes that between 3 and 5 million people voted illegally in the presidential election "based on studies and information that he has," but he refused to provide even a shred of evidence to suggest that that is true. This comes on the heels of an emergency press conference Spicer called on Saturday in order to lie and gaslight the American public about how many people attended the inauguration.

    On Saturday, CNN decided to tape Spicer's fact-free press conference instead of airing it live, and when they did go back and air parts of it, they were able to fact check it in real time, giving the public the tools we need to fight Trump's lies. CNN made the right call on Saturday. Now, we need more media outlets to follow suit. Sign this petition and tell the networks to stop airing the Trump administration's press briefings live: http://act.democracyforamerica.com/sign/trump_press_briefings
  22. Trump is calling for a witch hunt into alleged “voter fraud” in the last election based on a lie he has been telling, with no evidence at all, that millions of people voted illegally. He says the investigation lead to changes in “voting procedures.” This is part of an attempt by Trump and his right-wing allies to build a massive voter suppression regime in advance of future elections. If anything had an impact on the last election, it was targeted voter suppression, not mythical widespread individual voter fraud, which has been found over and over again not to exist. Sign this petition to tell members of Congress and other public officials to stand against this witch hunt and investigate the real problem of voter suppression instead: https://secure.pfaw.org/site/SPageNavigator/action.html?survey_id=11743
  23. Donald Trump's false claims of voter fraud are a pretext for new restrictions on voting. Sign this petition to stand with Democrats across the country and say you'll fight to protect voting rights for every American: http://my.democrats.org/page/s/protect-our-voting-rights
  24. The Trump administration is pushing a plan to privatize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which would axe funding for hundreds of local NPR and PBS stations around the country. Sign this petition to urge Congress to stop Trump’s plan to destroy public media: http://act.freepress.net/sign/trump_public_media
  25. Americans are no longer able to call the White House directly. The comment line (202-456-1111) that used to be open to the public is now “currently closed,” per the automated recording you hear when you call. White House Inc. connects you to Trump in a different way: by calling his businesses. Just enter your phone number and email address at this website, and you’ll receive a call that connects you to a Trump business: https://whitehouseinc.org/
  26. Paul Ryan had his phones cut off because of the volume of calls, but he can still receive faxes. There is now a Twitter call for people to have a #PaulRyanFaxParty. Fax a letter to Ryan at this number: (202) 225-3393
  27. Trump needs to get the message from the majority of Americans that we value and need the benefits of the ACA. Let’s show him how many of us feel that way. Send a postcard or letter to Donald Trump with the simple message: “Don’t make America sick again. Improve the ACA. Don’t repeal it.” Send your postcard to:

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington, DC  20500.
  28. Since Kellyanne Conway called the marches on Saturday "pointless, it might be helpful to send Kellyanne a note or postcard of "I marched because..." It may not change her mind, but she needs exposure to a broader perspective. Send your note to:

    Attn: Kellyanne Conway
    C/O The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington D.C. 20500
  29. The Scientists' March on Washington is currently in the works. Check out this website for updates: http://www.scientistsmarchonwashington.com/

    You may also like the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/marchforscience/
  30. Nervous about calling your legislatures? Check out this Shy Person's Guide to Calling Representatives: http://actionfriday.tumblr.com/post/153358069831/shy-persons-guide-to-calling-representatives
  31. If current events have you stressed out, anxious, or depressed try these self-care steps to help you make it through: https://medium.com/the-coffeelicious/how-to-stayoutraged-without-losing-your-mind-fc0c41aa68f3

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