Nightly Actions for Sunday, January 29, 2017

URGENT - Immigration:

Protests are still happening all over the country, as many people are still being detained in airports, or sent back where they came from, despite a federal judge's temporary injunction. We need to keep standing against Trump's Muslim ban. Below are some ways you can get involved.
  1. Join a protest. Several groups and individuals are tracking upcoming protests around the country (including me). Here are some websites where you can find a protest near you:
  2. Show up at the Supreme Court. Today, Christine Pelosi, daughter of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Tweeted a document announcing, "Tomorrow at 6:00pm, House and Senate Democrats will gather for a press event in front of the steps of the Supreme Court to demand the president withdraw his disreputable executive order."

    The document goes on to say, "This week, Immigration Subcommittee Ranking Member Zoe Lofgren and others will introduce legislation to rescind the Muslim ban, and we are reviewing actions we can take against the president's other immigration executive orders as well. We are also exploring all legal options, including an Amicus Brief in support of the ACLU."

    If you live in the area, show up for the press event and showing your support. Otherwise, follow Pelosi on Twitter at @sfpelosi for updates. View the full document here: https://twitter.com/sfpelosi/status/825811074276470784
  3. Call your legislators. This Google Doc lists all US senators and governors along with whether they have spoken out against the Muslim ban or remained silent. It also includes their contact information and a script you can use to call your senators and the governor of your state: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hSGjyWJZIQJpGz4V2ftX_qioCgBtL59oJkkhx146nFE/
  4. Email your members of Congress. Use this form to email to your members of Congress and urge them to oppose the Muslim ban: http://action.savethechildrenactionnetwork.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/index.sjs
  5. Sign a petition. Here are a few more petitions against the Muslim ban:
  6. Sign this petition to tell tech companies not to help Trump build a Muslim registry: https://act.colorofchange.org/sign/tell-tech-no-muslim-registry
  7. If you live in California: Advocates across California are working proactively to protect our civil liberties. Senior Members of the State Legislative Assembly have introduced four key bills that CAIR California are endorsing to safeguard the Muslim community from any possible "registry" and protect vulnerable communities from potentially hostile federal immigration policies from the Trump administration.

    With your help, California will set the national standard for what an inclusive and supportive community looks like. Use this form to email state lawmakers and urge them to support critical civil rights protections for all Californians: http://cqrcengage.com/cair/app/write-a-letter
  8. If you're a lawyer who doesn't work for the federal government—especially if you speak Arabic, Farsi, or Kurdish—the International Refugee Assistance Project is taking volunteers to do triage at major airports where refugees, visa holders, and LPRs are detained due to Friday's executive order. Sign up to help here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScU15uSaSkA61YrGmXfplfOu2UwlcwIyEJXPuyON6SCE6YlAw/viewform?c=0&w=1
  9. Share this image on social media to help immigrants and refugees from affected countries:

  1. Congressional leaders have already started trying to repeal Obamacare. If they're successful, 30 million Americans could lose coverage, and we'll go back to the days when insurance companies could deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions, place caps on care, and charge women more simply for being women. Use this form to call your senators and urge them to stop the rush to repeal Obamacare: https://www.ofa.us/call-to-protect-obamacare/
  2. This calculator from Enroll America can help those who still need to sign up for a 2017 healthcare plan see if they'll qualify for financial assistance. Share it with your friends and family: https://www.getcoveredamerica.org/calculator/
  3. As Speaker of the House Paul Ryan celebrates his birthday, let’s take this opportunity to send him a personal and direct message that today, thousands of Americans will also celebrate their birthdays and be eligible to receive Medicare benefits. Yet, these benefits are now in jeopardy thanks to Ryan’s radical agenda that calls for ending traditional Medicare, raising the Medicare eligibility age, and increasing out-of-pocket healthcare costs for beneficiaries. Sign this petition to tell Ryan that you reject his plans to destroy traditional Medicare and cut earned benefits: https://secure.ncpssm.org/content/tell-speaker-ryan-to-listen-on-medicare-pet17
Trump's Nominees
  1. Tomorrow, Senator Lamar Alexander, the chair of the Senate HELP Committee and champion of Betsy DeVos, will be at the Marquis Hotel in Washington, DC between 4:15 and 5:30pm to address the National School Boards Association. The Network  for Public Education is asking everyone in the area to protest in front of the hotel beginning at 4:00pm. The details are below.
    Date: Monday, January 30, 2017
    Time: 4:00pm
    Address: Washington Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC
  2. DeVos's confirmation hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, January 31st. Use this form to email your senators and ask them to reject DeVos: http://action.momsrising.org/sign/reject_DeVos/
  3. The confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions is also scheduled for Tuesday. Tomorrow, the NAACP plans to march in Mobile, AL to Sessions's office and ask him to withdraw his name from nomination for US Attorney General. If you live in Alabama, please join the rally and march on Monday at noon. The details are below:
    Date: Monday, January 30, 2017
    Time: 12 noon (assemble at 11:30am)
    Start: 3900 College Lane South, Mobile, AL
    End: Sen. Sessions's office, 41 West Interstate 65 Service North, Mobile, AL
  4. Use this form to call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote no on Sessions: http://pdaction.org/call-senate-judiciary-members-say-no-to-senator-sessions/
  5. Use this form to email your senators and ask them to oppose Sessions: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/vote-no-on-sen-sessions-for-attorney-general
  6. Any minute now, Trump will nominate his pick for the vacant Supreme Court seat from a group hand-chosen by conservative extremists. He’s set to select an anti-choice, anti-LGBT equality, anti-gun control, anti-racial justice, pro-corporate power reactionary. Use this form to call your senators and tell them that if they don’t oppose dangerous nominees, we will hold them accountable at the ballot box: http://www.weekly-resistance.online/
Knowledge is Power
  1. Read "26 Ways to be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets" for other ways that you can help the resistance besides rallies and protests: https://issuu.com/nlc.sf.2014/docs/beyondthestreets_final
  2. In the summer of 2015, DNC Chair candidate, Rep. Keith Ellison, warned the nation about the danger of a Trump presidency, saying, "Anybody from the Democratic side of the fence who is terrified of the possibility of President Trump better vote—better get active—because this man has got some momentum, and we better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the Republican ticket."

    Tuesday, January 31, at 8pm ET/5pm PT, Democrats for America is hosting a live call with Ellison to discuss Trump and the future of the Democratic Party, and Ellison will be taking your questions live. Register for the call here: https://www2.democracyforamerica.com/events/dfa-live/dfa-live-keith-ellison
  1. Since the White House comment line is no longer accepting calls, Countable has created a way for Americans to contact Trump. Talk to Trump allows you to send a video message with your thoughts and have it delivered to the White House. Try it herehttps://www.talktotrump.org/
  2. Sign this petition to tell Trump to reverse the gag order on the EPA: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/557/117/918/trump-reverse-the-gag-order-on-the-epa/

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